Catherine McCormack as Elizabeth David

I have noticed from a glimpse at the Hallmark Channel program that they are going to broadcast "Elizabeth David: A Life in Recipes" again. And, I am going to watch it for the serial time as well.

I have always been attracted to the living histories of great people or just those unique and interesting persons who have preferred to follow own paths of heart than leaving their lives imprisoned in the frames of the conventional.

Elizabeth David has entered her special place in the Pleiad of my numerous favourites when I had the pleasure to watch the forespoken TV reproduction of her biography. These are the four elements that have impressed my attention essentially:

  • The beautiful pictures of the movie itself full of colours, exotic species and irresistible flavoures, served with exquisite taste;

  • The melting atmosphere of her romances and travels to the distant lands of Greece, Italy, Southern France and Spain, enchanting places, wells of craving for art and creativity;

  • Next, it is the charming play of Catherine McCormack, another favourite actress of mine, so convincing in the face of the main heroine, reproducing both her romance and drama;

  • And then, the moving spirit of Elizabeth David’s fate and person outlaid in her precious recipe books, works of unique style, modernistic approach to gastronomy and unconventional view on the way life should be tasted and sensed.

What is more important in human existence, finding the special someone and keeping him/her beside so that at the end you are not alone, or letting living with perceptions wide-open so that you can evaluate Being, follow the true direction of heart and shape your steps in the stones of Eternity, despite the risk of loneliness?!...

Finding your sense is a personal field of experience, and maybe this story could help with just a clue to reaching it. I myself shall watch it again for the need to feed my perceptions for food and the art of living that accompanies it, and be appreciative to Elizabeth David for her remarkable legacy.

Doctor Frankenstein’s Communism

One of the most unforgivable crimes of communism beside the Death camps, the Committee for State Security, the libels of the "kindred", authoritarianism, inhumanity, the pillage of wealth and the occupation of freedom is the replacement by force of the nation's authentic brain with an artificial, programmed, subordinate intelligence. I mean the last word to the letter because, undoubtedly, the creation of such machine is work of a genius, an evil genius, an intellect, in excess of the extent far beyond its relationship with humanity, with the human, with the humane. That creator's names are innumerable; how should I call him?! Doctor Frankenstein of Communism?!

Somebody somewhere was trying to tell vtalpyava one, I am sure many of the popular mind, namely his idea that communism is a good thing, but its implementation in real terms is compromised because it is impossible to recreate ideal. I never managed to break this thought in myself, I find her logic to believe it, I accept it even instinctively. Is it possible to have such an end rift between idea and realization, and why, after knowing that his ideals with super-nature are not possible in our imperfect human world, some will still try to impose something so unnaturally? Is there ever a good thing in the idea of communism, for it needs to be applied practically by force?

The idea of communism is not good. Why? The answer lies in the nature of human nature. People being people, have a vested fundamental equal rights, but that does not align them. Simultaneously, relying on this basis, proceeding from it, we, the people who have similar traits, but never the same. I can not even express the way we are more equal in their differences than their similarities, because each of us is unique and, because of the nature of nature itself, in practice, our diversity is achievable, rather than the similarities. For this fundamental reason, everything we create, being myself, could not be the same with that of others. Therefore, all created goods, demanding to be distributed equally among all, the idea of communism is forced and unnatural. Behind the shell of “fairness” is actually hiding something that is unfair in its core, in essence.

If I work with his or her talents I created / and or intellectual harvest work, then I’m the man that age-old and has the full right to dispose of them. If I decide to share the fruit with your neighbor in need or not, his / her or my desire, under the laws of morality, this can happen only in my will or desire and the same laws will be an upgrade for me. However, if the “neighbor” to me or a third person to give me the fruits of your labor will and direct my will, forced through smuggling or manipulation, this is already a crime. Thinnest point in the idea of communism is the fundamental operation, that person shall, prunuden force, rather than emanating from personal desire and will to benefit his work with others may not post more and more unaware of him or her, and that part of these may not post more and more unaware, being undemanding, deserved to draw alongside him / her trada fruits of his / her.

Communism in practice is more chovekoubezhen. Monster that Dr. Frankenstein and his created a doctrine, is the possibility of an unknowing, and may not post undemanding to nauchatdve basic things a lesson and a craft, namely, the note can infect the back of those and that they sazidavat to do so without effort. In view of this gold mine and his life stereotype svrahapetitnost against the voracious greed, it spread without borders and has become a parasite vseizyazhdasht. Over marketing strategy, which will be so successful because we offer easy wealth as a real product without lies and deceit, and will zakosteni country to such an extent that we can not fight today, instead, to continue to remember it with emotion and want to regain it.

Well, anyway, to render tribute to Frankenstein, he is a doctor, knows the price of labor. It is known that it would be much trouble to achieve its objective, to cope with an impossible, task protivoestvstvenata to breathe life into something rotten. However, it sends up its sleeves and a perfect machine. Crushes it to perfection, to be elusive to anyone who wants to compromise, even if we had one day this is her creativity itself.

Frankenstein is a doctor, but a genius. Labor cost is high, why not pay it then someone else? It needs some real money to give, there are “noble” intentions, but unavailable. Then why not take another? Examples from all those rich in material dimension classes that have accrued to labor and with their progress, society progresses. If you take them, will you rise to destabilize? Oh no, distributing the load equally, there will be more stable situation than this. Yes, but they will resist. Not asking them, it is Dr. Frankenstein and decide the fate of all, who do not agree, the worse for them, he is a genius and they were silent.

Yep … remain, however, the most vocal, those whose mouths are closed and even difficult to outlive them, rich in spiritual dimension, thinking, truly free, real intellectuals of the nation. What makes Dr. Frankenstein with them? Without unnecessary panic, trust genius, he revives Murtaugh, changing the nature of life. Real intellectuals will be replaced by another with a new one. Where will it take? Again from the same place, from the lowlands of the people. Will speak his language to understand it easily, the program prepared by the Doctor, Frankenstein will teach her. Knowledge, like all other goods must be equal for all and will be aligned; will maintain literacy and illiteracy in the same ratio. Nobody should know more or less, only what should and must say what the genius. Over time, people will stop to think on their own initiative, will not they need their own brains, because someone else will supply the information processed into a ready form. This will keep the machine without resistance, even in the eternal order, perpeto Mobile.

However, since the intellect is not wealth, is donated from above … Not! Nobody can dare to be greater than Dr. Frankenstein, and even God. Those who insist on knowing more than others, will be publicly deliberate about mnogoznaytsi, philosophers. Genius has powerful, but difficult ulovimi weapons. Will take care to create their complexes to destabilize their confidence, make them feel inferior, inferior. Even aspire to equality, more comfortable will always have unknowing, may not post, undemanding than their antipodes, so that they are constantly hungry and have a perpetual need of food to compassionate doctor. Thus, their mouths will be busy with a rational activity that satisfies him, so you give them, nothing that benefits are not his. What, however, will happen with the old intelligentsia, how will offset its impact? However, it is true, has a quality material and philanthropic. To be the nurse of the doctor? In no case! What do you think will be fed vseizyazhdashtiya parasite? Throw it on his food, will be the perfect donor...

NaNoWriMo for National Novel Writing Month

My NaNoWriMo history until the moment states two participations, two winnings and two drafts of my future books, which I believe I will publish in the destined time. I use the chance provided by the initiative to realize the practical steps along my chosen path of a writer. I would like to meet with other current or future NaNoWriMists as well as with those who are generally interested in the Big writing.

NaNoWriMo for National Novel Writing Month is a world-wide initiative, which is held annually in November. Not accidentally, because this month is said to be the most boring throughout the year. It gives two significant opportunities; using this time deprived from events for something reasonable, and allowing the same undertaking the chance to run with maximum concentration. The particular task is to write at least 50 000 words within 30 days of the calendar, beginning as earlier as 01.11 and ending no later than 30.11. For orientation, 50 000 words are 100 pages or a little novel that does not have upper limits and could become a big one. Everyone who has succeeded to cope with the minimum amount for the noted time becomes a winner and receives an electronic certificate after the official validition of the final word count.

The award, however, is not in the prizes, but in the satisfaction of the participants for their efforts given and work done as well as the pride on the personal achievement. The aim of this initiative is to give a motive and stimulate all those, surely, a feeling familiar to many, who have always wanted to write the novel of their life and are convinced that this will happen some day, not to delay any further. NaNoWriMo say that if a one does not do it now, moreover, if they do not even try, they will never succeed. I share their opinion, because to have a book, you, literally, need to sit down and write it first.

It is namely this philosophy that makes meaningless any attempt to manipulate the final result, therefore the initiative policy toward the rules of conduct are that liberal. The conditions for participation are rather ethical in nature and a matter of personal choice; if it is more important for a one to receive the formal prize at the expense of someone else’s work or even spam, they assign their own reward. Such person will never be a writer, because it is their choice not to write their book. The requirement is to begin, figuratively speaking, entirely from scratch, on a white sheet of paper. Of course, the preliminary preparation on the idea, the plot, the characters, etc. of the future novel is recommended. Their inventing and construction is allowed to begin before the official start, but the time of writing the first word down strikes exactly at 00:00 of 01.11.

In this connection, using old or unfinished stories is not recommended, because the basic idea of the initiative is namely in the thrill of creating something new while outliving both, the challenge and the work of what it means to write seriously. Of course, some writers with more experience and enough material accumulated who do not need experiments and training, only a little more oil to light their fire, could find the benefit by participating in this way. The most important is to be aware of oneself and to know what they want to achieve as well as why they do.

For all the rest who want to be namely writers, to write namely books with the serious intention to be published one day (and hopefully), NaNoWriMo is exactly for us. This initiative offers the motive, the resource and the opportunity to outlay both talent and work in practice and then realized, step after step along the way to be a writer. Of course, the next immediately published books or even a bestseller can be born after NaNoWriMo; the story of the initiative is rich in examples. The main aim here, however, is different and namely to begin to write, to learn to write and to assure yourself that your place is indeed where you want it to be. In this course of thoughts, the drafts, full of future amendments and the nonsense are expected and welcome, because every true writer knows that no true book comes freely.

You and Me

I think the most sincere explanation of the question, why there is a progressive negative natural growth tendency in our country, lies not in answers with which we use to point out causes such as our material situation and social environment. I think that at the root of this problem lies another important, and still more simple, and it is that women and men here do not love each other. They need, seek, aspire to one another, desire, attract, are in mutual passion, make love, create relationships and families…, but do not feel love to one another. This inhumane model is transmitted and exacerbated by the generations and, being unnatural in evolutionary meaning, leads namely to the instinctive or conscious unwillingness these same generations to be prolonged, principally or simply at home. I also think that this problem is one of the many that make us feel inferior ourselves, separately as individuals and together as a society, and in our lives here.


track >> PLAY
band >> no doubt
lyrics >> don’t speak

I have chosen this song for my classes today for several reasons. Besides it is much appropriate for this topic and emotionally bound with a beautiful period of my life, it tells the real story about two former lovers from the band who have remained friends after the end of their relationship. Years after that, it even reaches the moment when another favorite song of mine appears to the world, namely Cool of Gwen Stefani, a proof that friendship continues even after romance ends, and this happens when people have loved each other.

Love exists in well-known and not so familiar forms. You can love a person from the opposite sex without necessarily he or she is the one beloved, you love your parents, your closest and know this instinctively, but at the same time are unaware that it is possible to love even strangers . This is because love in the meaning of fondness is respect and acceptance of the others in the way they are. It is the foundation of human relations. Meanings of love do not overlap, love as romance is building upon love as fondness. To succeed in giving and receiving love, you need to know how to feel and be blessed to receive its foundation by others who know how to give it on their part.

People are created to feel the need of someone else beside them, for the evolution to proceed in its natural laws. The way you need your parents to begin in your first life’s moments, the same way you then need the other to continue. Love is the necessary bond for those who are in need to succeed in having one another; to love and be loved is an innate human necessity. Lack of love is imbalance, inferiority and it degenerates; it is pain, which could turn into a disease. This is exactly what has happened to us, in our community and families. Our mentality is our real enemy. It is what progressively destroys us, because, teaching us not to love the others, it chases us away of our roots and kills our desire to grow our future here.

How many of you can say that in their life here, in its majority, they have felt accepted and respected, being theirselves?! Unfortunately, my observations and experience expect these happy people to be few. When you have not been taught what love is, when have not sought to learn, when you have not received it or have refused to give, you destroy yourself as well as others, because the essential bond that makes life complete, tenderly reminding you of history and making you desire for the upcoming, misses. There is no love to and from the parents, to and from the ones beloved, to and from the fruits of your love; your past, present, future do not exist, and so you too, the fulfilled human.

The absence of love between men and women is a logical consequence of the general lack of such among the people here; form and result of the same mentality. When the main bond for this to happen misses, then, are we surprised to see we perish?! Men and women are created in different ways to be able to need one another and thus continue living. When we do not respect our differences and accept them naturally, when, instead of trying to understand the opposite sex the way it is, we rather want it be like ours, underestimating it and consequently reject and humiliate it, we stand oppose to life and the chance to have a future. Without love for the one youare in need, whom will you have?! Without love for the one with whom you want to build your future, what is the future you are going to have?! Will you survive alone or will you be fading step by step until you are gone with it without a trace?!…

I Can Take You Far Away

Those who are enough with the daily round and the even rhythm of time to feel comfortable in their lives are lucky. Those who watch the hands of the clock without the fear when the smaller one of them will leave behind the bigger or will the bigger ever again catch up with the smaller are happy. Born without the need to make any efforts to seek and find their sense of life or to rediscover it every time it begins to glimmer and wither away; without passing through nine mountains in tenth, swimming across nine seas to tenth to reach the air and the oil needed to inflame that sense again, at risk to burn themselves. Such people are born with karma to have been sown at their true destined place from their very creation.

For us, the others, restless souls, wandering fires, roving with spirits, even before the matter has appeared when we are only energy ourselves and after we are again, for us, vagrants, lunatics across the wilds and heights, the whistling in straight lines and the winding in labyrinths, the seeking in directions without end, the jumping outside the borders and the returning again, the ceaseless, the tireless, the disobedient, the diving into the depths of earth and the flying off in the universe without effort, just like that, quite instinctively, like the way air gets in and pulls out from the lungs, our blood flows and heart beats, those who do not know what peace is, but seek for it all their lives, walking past it along the lanes of the highway or a little off from it, just for us, the others, is destined the eternal road.


track >> PLAY
band >> the scorpions
lyrics >> holiday

And now, I can take you far away, and now I am setting about leaving again, and now I need to sail away. I miss wind in the sails, I miss wind in my hair, I miss wind penetrating into my darkest depths; passing through all over me as through the sea foam. Clearing. Penetrating. Beloved. I love to breathe the wind, I love it with full lungs; I love when it flows with me and I am an undivided part of it. I love it when is in my heart; when it is a storm, when it is a breeze. It is me and I am it, we are one emotion. Inseparable. A whole that cannot live without one another. It dreams of my love, otherwise it could not be a storm, neither it could be a breeze without I turn it into poetry. I crave for it as a storm, so I can love it and want its whiff to create my poetry.

And now, I am traveling. My eyes, up to heaven and still looking forward, gazing at the distance, lit by the sun. Whenever I blink by its touch, my face turns into a huge smile. I love it when it happens like that, when its light shines on me; one moment and it all absorbs in me, as if it also longs for a place where it could cuddle without fear. I am its fertile soil. I turn it into love, I feed from its warmth; I need it to save my soul when it starts to freeze. Blessing that fulfills me whole and waves form it spring at my face into that same huge, loving smile. My look begins to sparkle; my eyes wider open than before, and the horizon reveals clearer and broader. The entire expanse is in front of me and it is mine.

And now, I am moving, not wishful to stop, but wishing to get there, because where I go, it is waiting for me, my dream, realized, but eternal. Indescribable. The sea, my home. I am a child of the water, taken from its coral-root, driven far away by the high waves, spilled out at the unknown shore with billions of other brothers, salty sea atoms, inspired by the sun and flattered by the wind. Sheltered in a human’s heart, but remains forever the child of the water. And now, as before, I must walk the long way, to go through the wilderness far and wide, to reach the horizon and touch it so I rediscover my beginning; to replace my steps with flowing, to be embraced by waves, to be taken by the wind, and with a smile from the sun to be dissolved into foam, going back to where I was born. In the ocean.