Catherine McCormack as Elizabeth David

I have noticed from a glimpse at the Hallmark Channel program that they are going to broadcast "Elizabeth David: A Life in Recipes" again. And, I am going to watch it for the serial time as well.

I have always been attracted to the living histories of great people or just those unique and interesting persons who have preferred to follow own paths of heart than leaving their lives imprisoned in the frames of the conventional.

Elizabeth David has entered her special place in the Pleiad of my numerous favourites when I had the pleasure to watch the forespoken TV reproduction of her biography. These are the four elements that have impressed my attention essentially:

  • The beautiful pictures of the movie itself full of colours, exotic species and irresistible flavoures, served with exquisite taste;

  • The melting atmosphere of her romances and travels to the distant lands of Greece, Italy, Southern France and Spain, enchanting places, wells of craving for art and creativity;

  • Next, it is the charming play of Catherine McCormack, another favourite actress of mine, so convincing in the face of the main heroine, reproducing both her romance and drama;

  • And then, the moving spirit of Elizabeth David’s fate and person outlaid in her precious recipe books, works of unique style, modernistic approach to gastronomy and unconventional view on the way life should be tasted and sensed.

What is more important in human existence, finding the special someone and keeping him/her beside so that at the end you are not alone, or letting living with perceptions wide-open so that you can evaluate Being, follow the true direction of heart and shape your steps in the stones of Eternity, despite the risk of loneliness?!...

Finding your sense is a personal field of experience, and maybe this story could help with just a clue to reaching it. I myself shall watch it again for the need to feed my perceptions for food and the art of living that accompanies it, and be appreciative to Elizabeth David for her remarkable legacy.

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