I Can Take You Far Away

Those who are enough with the daily round and the even rhythm of time to feel comfortable in their lives are lucky. Those who watch the hands of the clock without the fear when the smaller one of them will leave behind the bigger or will the bigger ever again catch up with the smaller are happy. Born without the need to make any efforts to seek and find their sense of life or to rediscover it every time it begins to glimmer and wither away; without passing through nine mountains in tenth, swimming across nine seas to tenth to reach the air and the oil needed to inflame that sense again, at risk to burn themselves. Such people are born with karma to have been sown at their true destined place from their very creation.

For us, the others, restless souls, wandering fires, roving with spirits, even before the matter has appeared when we are only energy ourselves and after we are again, for us, vagrants, lunatics across the wilds and heights, the whistling in straight lines and the winding in labyrinths, the seeking in directions without end, the jumping outside the borders and the returning again, the ceaseless, the tireless, the disobedient, the diving into the depths of earth and the flying off in the universe without effort, just like that, quite instinctively, like the way air gets in and pulls out from the lungs, our blood flows and heart beats, those who do not know what peace is, but seek for it all their lives, walking past it along the lanes of the highway or a little off from it, just for us, the others, is destined the eternal road.


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And now, I can take you far away, and now I am setting about leaving again, and now I need to sail away. I miss wind in the sails, I miss wind in my hair, I miss wind penetrating into my darkest depths; passing through all over me as through the sea foam. Clearing. Penetrating. Beloved. I love to breathe the wind, I love it with full lungs; I love when it flows with me and I am an undivided part of it. I love it when is in my heart; when it is a storm, when it is a breeze. It is me and I am it, we are one emotion. Inseparable. A whole that cannot live without one another. It dreams of my love, otherwise it could not be a storm, neither it could be a breeze without I turn it into poetry. I crave for it as a storm, so I can love it and want its whiff to create my poetry.

And now, I am traveling. My eyes, up to heaven and still looking forward, gazing at the distance, lit by the sun. Whenever I blink by its touch, my face turns into a huge smile. I love it when it happens like that, when its light shines on me; one moment and it all absorbs in me, as if it also longs for a place where it could cuddle without fear. I am its fertile soil. I turn it into love, I feed from its warmth; I need it to save my soul when it starts to freeze. Blessing that fulfills me whole and waves form it spring at my face into that same huge, loving smile. My look begins to sparkle; my eyes wider open than before, and the horizon reveals clearer and broader. The entire expanse is in front of me and it is mine.

And now, I am moving, not wishful to stop, but wishing to get there, because where I go, it is waiting for me, my dream, realized, but eternal. Indescribable. The sea, my home. I am a child of the water, taken from its coral-root, driven far away by the high waves, spilled out at the unknown shore with billions of other brothers, salty sea atoms, inspired by the sun and flattered by the wind. Sheltered in a human’s heart, but remains forever the child of the water. And now, as before, I must walk the long way, to go through the wilderness far and wide, to reach the horizon and touch it so I rediscover my beginning; to replace my steps with flowing, to be embraced by waves, to be taken by the wind, and with a smile from the sun to be dissolved into foam, going back to where I was born. In the ocean.

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