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I think the most sincere explanation of the question, why there is a progressive negative natural growth tendency in our country, lies not in answers with which we use to point out causes such as our material situation and social environment. I think that at the root of this problem lies another important, and still more simple, and it is that women and men here do not love each other. They need, seek, aspire to one another, desire, attract, are in mutual passion, make love, create relationships and families…, but do not feel love to one another. This inhumane model is transmitted and exacerbated by the generations and, being unnatural in evolutionary meaning, leads namely to the instinctive or conscious unwillingness these same generations to be prolonged, principally or simply at home. I also think that this problem is one of the many that make us feel inferior ourselves, separately as individuals and together as a society, and in our lives here.


track >> PLAY
band >> no doubt
lyrics >> don’t speak

I have chosen this song for my classes today for several reasons. Besides it is much appropriate for this topic and emotionally bound with a beautiful period of my life, it tells the real story about two former lovers from the band who have remained friends after the end of their relationship. Years after that, it even reaches the moment when another favorite song of mine appears to the world, namely Cool of Gwen Stefani, a proof that friendship continues even after romance ends, and this happens when people have loved each other.

Love exists in well-known and not so familiar forms. You can love a person from the opposite sex without necessarily he or she is the one beloved, you love your parents, your closest and know this instinctively, but at the same time are unaware that it is possible to love even strangers . This is because love in the meaning of fondness is respect and acceptance of the others in the way they are. It is the foundation of human relations. Meanings of love do not overlap, love as romance is building upon love as fondness. To succeed in giving and receiving love, you need to know how to feel and be blessed to receive its foundation by others who know how to give it on their part.

People are created to feel the need of someone else beside them, for the evolution to proceed in its natural laws. The way you need your parents to begin in your first life’s moments, the same way you then need the other to continue. Love is the necessary bond for those who are in need to succeed in having one another; to love and be loved is an innate human necessity. Lack of love is imbalance, inferiority and it degenerates; it is pain, which could turn into a disease. This is exactly what has happened to us, in our community and families. Our mentality is our real enemy. It is what progressively destroys us, because, teaching us not to love the others, it chases us away of our roots and kills our desire to grow our future here.

How many of you can say that in their life here, in its majority, they have felt accepted and respected, being theirselves?! Unfortunately, my observations and experience expect these happy people to be few. When you have not been taught what love is, when have not sought to learn, when you have not received it or have refused to give, you destroy yourself as well as others, because the essential bond that makes life complete, tenderly reminding you of history and making you desire for the upcoming, misses. There is no love to and from the parents, to and from the ones beloved, to and from the fruits of your love; your past, present, future do not exist, and so you too, the fulfilled human.

The absence of love between men and women is a logical consequence of the general lack of such among the people here; form and result of the same mentality. When the main bond for this to happen misses, then, are we surprised to see we perish?! Men and women are created in different ways to be able to need one another and thus continue living. When we do not respect our differences and accept them naturally, when, instead of trying to understand the opposite sex the way it is, we rather want it be like ours, underestimating it and consequently reject and humiliate it, we stand oppose to life and the chance to have a future. Without love for the one youare in need, whom will you have?! Without love for the one with whom you want to build your future, what is the future you are going to have?! Will you survive alone or will you be fading step by step until you are gone with it without a trace?!…

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