Doctor Frankenstein’s Communism

One of the most unforgivable crimes of communism beside the Death camps, the Committee for State Security, the libels of the "kindred", authoritarianism, inhumanity, the pillage of wealth and the occupation of freedom is the replacement by force of the nation's authentic brain with an artificial, programmed, subordinate intelligence. I mean the last word to the letter because, undoubtedly, the creation of such machine is work of a genius, an evil genius, an intellect, in excess of the extent far beyond its relationship with humanity, with the human, with the humane. That creator's names are innumerable; how should I call him?! Doctor Frankenstein of Communism?!

Somebody somewhere was trying to tell vtalpyava one, I am sure many of the popular mind, namely his idea that communism is a good thing, but its implementation in real terms is compromised because it is impossible to recreate ideal. I never managed to break this thought in myself, I find her logic to believe it, I accept it even instinctively. Is it possible to have such an end rift between idea and realization, and why, after knowing that his ideals with super-nature are not possible in our imperfect human world, some will still try to impose something so unnaturally? Is there ever a good thing in the idea of communism, for it needs to be applied practically by force?

The idea of communism is not good. Why? The answer lies in the nature of human nature. People being people, have a vested fundamental equal rights, but that does not align them. Simultaneously, relying on this basis, proceeding from it, we, the people who have similar traits, but never the same. I can not even express the way we are more equal in their differences than their similarities, because each of us is unique and, because of the nature of nature itself, in practice, our diversity is achievable, rather than the similarities. For this fundamental reason, everything we create, being myself, could not be the same with that of others. Therefore, all created goods, demanding to be distributed equally among all, the idea of communism is forced and unnatural. Behind the shell of “fairness” is actually hiding something that is unfair in its core, in essence.

If I work with his or her talents I created / and or intellectual harvest work, then I’m the man that age-old and has the full right to dispose of them. If I decide to share the fruit with your neighbor in need or not, his / her or my desire, under the laws of morality, this can happen only in my will or desire and the same laws will be an upgrade for me. However, if the “neighbor” to me or a third person to give me the fruits of your labor will and direct my will, forced through smuggling or manipulation, this is already a crime. Thinnest point in the idea of communism is the fundamental operation, that person shall, prunuden force, rather than emanating from personal desire and will to benefit his work with others may not post more and more unaware of him or her, and that part of these may not post more and more unaware, being undemanding, deserved to draw alongside him / her trada fruits of his / her.

Communism in practice is more chovekoubezhen. Monster that Dr. Frankenstein and his created a doctrine, is the possibility of an unknowing, and may not post undemanding to nauchatdve basic things a lesson and a craft, namely, the note can infect the back of those and that they sazidavat to do so without effort. In view of this gold mine and his life stereotype svrahapetitnost against the voracious greed, it spread without borders and has become a parasite vseizyazhdasht. Over marketing strategy, which will be so successful because we offer easy wealth as a real product without lies and deceit, and will zakosteni country to such an extent that we can not fight today, instead, to continue to remember it with emotion and want to regain it.

Well, anyway, to render tribute to Frankenstein, he is a doctor, knows the price of labor. It is known that it would be much trouble to achieve its objective, to cope with an impossible, task protivoestvstvenata to breathe life into something rotten. However, it sends up its sleeves and a perfect machine. Crushes it to perfection, to be elusive to anyone who wants to compromise, even if we had one day this is her creativity itself.

Frankenstein is a doctor, but a genius. Labor cost is high, why not pay it then someone else? It needs some real money to give, there are “noble” intentions, but unavailable. Then why not take another? Examples from all those rich in material dimension classes that have accrued to labor and with their progress, society progresses. If you take them, will you rise to destabilize? Oh no, distributing the load equally, there will be more stable situation than this. Yes, but they will resist. Not asking them, it is Dr. Frankenstein and decide the fate of all, who do not agree, the worse for them, he is a genius and they were silent.

Yep … remain, however, the most vocal, those whose mouths are closed and even difficult to outlive them, rich in spiritual dimension, thinking, truly free, real intellectuals of the nation. What makes Dr. Frankenstein with them? Without unnecessary panic, trust genius, he revives Murtaugh, changing the nature of life. Real intellectuals will be replaced by another with a new one. Where will it take? Again from the same place, from the lowlands of the people. Will speak his language to understand it easily, the program prepared by the Doctor, Frankenstein will teach her. Knowledge, like all other goods must be equal for all and will be aligned; will maintain literacy and illiteracy in the same ratio. Nobody should know more or less, only what should and must say what the genius. Over time, people will stop to think on their own initiative, will not they need their own brains, because someone else will supply the information processed into a ready form. This will keep the machine without resistance, even in the eternal order, perpeto Mobile.

However, since the intellect is not wealth, is donated from above … Not! Nobody can dare to be greater than Dr. Frankenstein, and even God. Those who insist on knowing more than others, will be publicly deliberate about mnogoznaytsi, philosophers. Genius has powerful, but difficult ulovimi weapons. Will take care to create their complexes to destabilize their confidence, make them feel inferior, inferior. Even aspire to equality, more comfortable will always have unknowing, may not post, undemanding than their antipodes, so that they are constantly hungry and have a perpetual need of food to compassionate doctor. Thus, their mouths will be busy with a rational activity that satisfies him, so you give them, nothing that benefits are not his. What, however, will happen with the old intelligentsia, how will offset its impact? However, it is true, has a quality material and philanthropic. To be the nurse of the doctor? In no case! What do you think will be fed vseizyazhdashtiya parasite? Throw it on his food, will be the perfect donor...

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