Not to Shoot the Sheriff, not to Kill a Mockingbird, Just to Try Few Words at Them

Sometimes, not to say it happens frequently, I slip into abstract ways of expressing my words and therefore my thoughts begin to seem obscure. It is because I see the principle and basic out of a specific situation and it is a hard task to present this in short. However, when I decide to be particular I can be quite. So, I am explaining clearer now what I was meaning with my previous classes.


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There is wide spread manipulation here, extreme and one, I assume, on purpose that people who choose to emigrate from Bulgaria are close at being national traitors; they leave their country and turn their backs to their kindred. In the soft version, these are persons who give up easily the fight for their homeland. People…, wake up to your consciousness and stick to the logic and sober mind. Allow yourselves to see the others’ points of view, begin with this.

I begin with the first of all that every one of us is a free human being who has natural rights given by birth to possess their lives, to take care of them (or not) and to follow (or not) their well-being; and to do this to the point of not being obstructive to the rest who have the same rights (to execute their rights) without exception. In this thread of thoughts, every one of us have their personal right to (choose to) stay in their home country or leave for another; to stay and be happy here, to stay and be unhappy here, to live and find happiness abroad or to live there despite feeling unhappy. Nobody else have any right to judge others for what they choose is best for them and their own lives. (Well, of course, we are humans, we can have opinions; and do you see a difference between judging and having an opinion?!) Nobody and nothing; none of these, an outer person, a ‘sheriff’, the ‘deputy’, an institution or the state.

The next step is to explore the variety of views that exist and to seek for, to try to understand them in the place of judging. (When I myself learnt to do this I realized how many better and positive results it can lead me to.) Why people leave; why they need and wish to leave?! How do you think, have most of them not tried to find their places here, their purposes and reasons to stay?! Have they not made their best attempts to find solutions for the problems and resolve them?! What if their hard-trying have been paid zero attention; if their appeals have not been heard and even listened?! What if they have been directed but not replied as to persons?! How would you feel yourself if having been treated with disrespect?! What is to be the natural, the human, the normal reaction to such treatment?! Is it to be “fight” or is it to be “leave”, or maybe both?! It is to be every individual’s choice to decide for themselves. Some will stay and do nothing, others will keep on fighting for their better future until they have strengths or have been devastated; others will decide to leave and protect their potential for more rational causes and results, or will do it to just try another salvation. It is all their right.

Besides all subjective and personal reasons, which are nobody else’s matter but persons’ themselves, there is a good amount of objective reasons for a civilized human to (want to) leave or to have wished to do it at least one time in their daily round. From these objectives, fundamental bases are missing in our reality, and this is quite a serious problem, not to say dangerous, when concerns a civilization. Beginning with the very first level, even before coming to the question of comfort, and in simple words, we lack security for our lives and we lack healthy environment for our well-being here. A long list of topics is ready to follow, and long topics themselves ready to be long discussed, so I shall only summarize the main keys.

There is no security for our health. There are serious problems and respectively lack of trust in the Health System generally, medical centers and care, hygiene and prevention, professionals, mentality, control and monitoring of these all. There is no security for our children (respectively for all of us in the same number having already been there), for our background and upbringing. The improper, archaic-modeled education and the wrong, malicious treatment, coming from our mentality, starting from the family and being further exercised in school, university, work, services, institutions, elsewhere in society, are the main factors that cause the social diseases, complexities, inferiority, ignorance, imposed fear, aggression, disrespect, self-disrespect… I call them “direct weapons for persons’ massive destruction” and they are. There is no security for our lives, interests and well-being. There is no effective control of crime, crime is widespread. There is no willing control of corruption, corruption is widespread. There are no adequate rules and monitoring over their observance, breaching of rules is widespread. Respectively, there is trust neither in police, nor in the legal institutions. We are not safe in our families, at home, in our neighbourhoods, anywhere in society, in our towns, in our streets, on our roads, on our common homeland; we are not protected in our own country. Sounds really scary so generalized, but if you stop at each of these points and try to figure an example, unfortunately you will be successful.

To those who still misbelieve that the state is not responsible and it is not its business (giving this improper situation a credit that way), the true answer is one, ON THE CONTRARY, IT IS. Health, education, children’s safety, people’s safety, law and order, security and protection are business of state. I am aware this problem has become tiresome of over-repeating; but what deserves reaction here and is responsible is not the repetitive statement of the fact but the prolonged existence of the same fact. On the other hand, it can be really tiresome as well when people say without a relevant point, “lets stop wanting and waiting from the state”. I understand what they mean, and I say to them, let us first separate the two things. In this topic we do not speak of our duties as members of the state, which we are responsible to execute, and we do or we do not execute. Here, we speak of the duties of state, and YES, this is exactly what we do (and need to do) as active members, we want (and need to want) from the state to execute its duties. This is why the state is for; it is its job which people assign to it and pay (taxes) for it (and to help it), and it is responsibility of the state to do it, and to do it well. It is the obliged in this case. The state is subject of its people, and not the people are servants of the state. Not in a democracy. In this thread of thoughts, if someone (something) does not do their job but take the money paid for it, then, either it is a stealing, or it is a question of discharge, or I should leave you for your uselessness.

It is mostly natural that people refuse to stay here because they feel and they are not protected in their own country, and the state (again, being its sole duty and responsibility) does not show a notion to care of changing this situation to better. If the state needs its people (and it cannot be otherwise in a democracy), it is its basic obligation to make them stay, and to do it not by force and/or manipulation but with civilized, human-oriented means; by establishing such conditions and services that they need and can feel satisfied with, then do even more to comfort them and raise their standard. Along with the question of moral norm and codex, that people have built the state to enjoy security and comfort, serviced and not granted by it, if a state does not care of its own people and act with cynicism, rage and malicious means towards them, the logic concludes, such a state cannot count on having a future.

So, you can go on in the same old manner but I do not care for your manipulation because I am a sober, conscious and tough-grounded person who is capable of seeing things clear and follows the true logic, not your evil-twisted one. You know I feel best where my roots are but my roots need fertile land to grow in or they get rotten otherwise. Therefore, it is the most essential point for my living and I have one way here. You have two choices. You can keep on telling me, “if you don’t like it, go away then”; but you can also try to hold me stay, to comfort me and make me feel a normal and respected human being, a person. Only then I shall re-think my decision to leave. You.

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