Questionnaire оn а Wednesday Demonstration

Event: The National Demonstration
Venue: Before the Parliament
Location: Sofia, Bulgariа
Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Help for Journalist-Trainees;) on Today’s Protest Events

01 Has the conflict between people and police been the official aim of the demonstration or a background one?

02 Is the bomb threat alert motive for ceasing the protest events fictive or real?

03 Is the ultras’ presence at the demonstration intentional or spontaneous?

04 Are both- the bomb threat alert and the ultras’ presence- connected as being means of sabotage of the demonstration or casual coincidence?

05 Is the resulting of the demonstration fore-planned or post-planned?

06 Are the police the executives of law and order or the Law and Order Executors?

07 Are the police responsible for the safety and peace of the people at the demonstration or available for those at the Parliament?

08 Are the actions of the police force towards the lawful protest event, the peaceful demonstrates and the media representatives legal or criminal?

09 Is the parliament representatives’ lack of appearance before the face of the lawful demonstration reasonable or correct?

10 Is the Major’s today’s vacation questionable or responsible?

11 Is the media representatives’ live presence at the protest events worthy of Pulitzer reward or SOS aka Syndrome of Silence diagnose?

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