Bulgaria as a Water Closet

NB* With the one verification at the start - all written comes from my personal observations or experience and although these could be quite comprehensive so I might use generalizing or summarizing linguistic units they wouldn't throw the pretension to speak out in the name of the Whole. A particular clarification to the possibility of sounding otherwise - undeniably a single habitat cannot evidence for a whole state and all the proper recognitions to these taking care to be contrast to the picture described. Plus one assurance to prevent misunderstanding - the pure intention of exposing grayish shirts in open is to bleach them in the sun;):)

* Provoked by the "Entropa" installation of David Cerny, a Czech artist.

Well, contrary to the official reaction, I do agree with the reasons of this installation. I do not even need an installation to know Bulgaria as a water closet. Try to walk in the streets of the center of Sofia - all are covered by the excrements of pets and .. humans. The snow is melting now and the waters try to wipe this misery away. Our streets are literary water closets. The author of the installation may rest upon his childhood memories yet I see this picture every day when going out to have my walk. I walk through a water closet!! I walk with eyes upon the ground trying to escape wading in pieces of excrement.

I have got a theory of mine for some time now on why the Bulgarians are not able to achieve happiness. It is because when they walk along their life paths they are permanently stuck with sights down to the ground watching out for crossing through some misery or obstacles, or tramps, having no alternative for facing to the opposite direction - at the skies and sun. Usually, it is a hard game to play because the spots with dirt equal in number to the blanks of ordinary pavement. All is here in account - the board, few pawns to jump in diagonals escaping dangers in the street and the chess game comes true to play.

Now when I think, it can be a fresh idea to the author to modernize a little bit the retro vision of the squat toilet and decorate it with black and white ceramic tiles to inspire style with the conceptual design. Well ..
[turning smiles now into a serious face]
How can I ever get angry with the author saying the truth in my eyes?! I cannot. I can only be angrier with those responsible from the due authorities and services legitimate who let this "water closet" situation be a true piece of our reality and not a wicked extravagance of art.

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