Features of Bulgarian Mentality

NB* With the one verification at the start - all written comes from my personal observations or experience and although these could be quite comprehensive so I might use generalizing or summarizing linguistic units they wouldn't throw the pretension to speak out in the name of the Whole. Plus one assurance to prevent misunderstanding - the pure intention of exposing greyish shirts in open is to bleach them in the sun.

The Patriarchal Model
The feature manifestation number one

Imagine the following situation. There is a boy in a family and he is an excellent student. What happens in result is nothing else been expected from the young gentleman but keeping him on a pedestal. He picks up with full hands the gratitude of the family; commonly the female part of it - mother, grandmother. The perfect boy is being perfectly spoilt and in result taught to expect he deserves to receive everything he would wish from his future relationships. A birth privilege.

Now imagine another situation. The child in the family is a girl and she is an excellent student. What happens is that in the place of the worshipped god you find a slave. Everything is expected from the young lady. More perfect the girl is more the expectations towards her reach their utmost. In the place of being appreciated for her ideality, she is kept responsible for every little fault. Her perfection is not a gift from Heaven - it is a Holy obligation.

It is the patriarchal model; one of its common manifestations among the Bulgarians. Not a cast-like phenomenon but a wide-spread syndrome. I can even say it is unexpectedly popular within the well-educated families and intellectual environments.

The most controversial in first sight here appears to be the leading role of women in the forming process. They are not pleased with this mentality being objects of it. Being subjects they will not act trying to change it but vice versa - they grow issues who will sequentially exercise the same model over their relationships and in parallel support it.

Complex for analyzing but not impossible. Few assumptions: the never ending want resulting in a constant need for approval from parents and society; the lack of knowledge or motivation to change or wish to; the lack of helpful or willing supporters; the personal reluctance for oneself to be different from others, interacting with the social state of mind; even blind or washed out brains.

One sure thing in final - this model violates the basic human rights for equality of sexes. It is a moral duty and evolution in mentality to cease its further stimulation.

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  1. Unfortunately, it isn't only typical for Bulgaria :-/ Women were always expected more than men and I suppose it is still popular belief in the whole world. The only good thing is that in some countries it is considered to be a shameful behaviour and I do hope that these countries will be more and more common.