Your Honour, Mister Presley

This Sunday is the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s demise and as a sign of respect to his memory, I dedicate my classes of today entirely to him, to the Big Boss Man, to the King Of The Whole Wide World. The King of Rock. It was not easy to decide which to choose – a dynamic situation, some shortage of time and his great legacy. I have only been aware that when I find it, I am sure this is the song with the eternal message.

I have tried to listen to my internal voice, to the call of the season; off the city the summer is real, what is breathed in is real, what is breathed out is real, what is felt, what is seen, real are words, silence is real. I have decided to make these classes a little more special than usual, A Little Less Conversation, a little more action please, Mister Presley, all thanks to you and completely in your honour, your words and their everlasting meaning are to say more on behalf of us all, kindred souls, Raised On Rock and looking straight forward to the universal human values.


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lyrics >> change of habit

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