Flowers Holiday Opens the Season

Today is Tsvetnitsa, the holiday of flowers here in Bulgaria, and Easter is coming in a week time for us the Orthodox. Greetings to all who carry a name of a flower, and Happy Easter to all Catholics too!! Now on to commemorate the special day for it is magic.

chocolate blueberry ice-cream strawberries kiwi fruit

Go outside, miss not the warming sun, try to feel good and joyful, holidays are all about it. Take few blessed willow twigs from inside the church, and a pair of candles for Easter, then weave the twigs into a garland and put it on the front door of your home. Open it together with your heart as wide as you can welcome the holiday in. Follow the tradition along with intuition. Let both narrate today. Seek for fantasy and beauty. Remember Little Ida and her flowers?! It is the best of days to re-read the old fairy-tail. I can do for you.

chocolate blueberry ice-cream strawberries kiwi fruit

Here, come and sit. I have prepared a meal of faery to sweeten the wonderful afternoon. Chocolate and blueberry ice-cream, delicious, with pieces of fresh strawberries and kiwi-fruit. Put all in the fridge just for few minutes and you are forwarded to the land of wonders. Yum, the spring has come!! The season of new life is now wide-open.

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