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This is the very start of my column here where I am going to write about music and its wholesome reflection on my world. I named it The Old School Classes because I shall scribe there about rock, and roll, and the music in general but mostly from the legendary times behind us, and I shall do it along with the feelings, pictures and ideas it stirrs out of my inner self. Music has ever had an essential impact on my life, thoughts and actions as it is so likely to be. I owe this affection, and particularly the one to rock music, to my Dad who is a keen lover and has been such long before me. I believe what I like to say that, Rock is in my genes because at the beginning it was in my Dad’s heart, and it is my true story itself. I have wonderful memories dating from the earliest days of my childhood connected with my Dad and his music. Most surely, I am going to share them on.

The two queenies-twinnies, the Black Queen and Ме, have decided to start our mutual project with blogging on music. She has her Lyrics of the Week running from quite a long time and I have ever wanted to do my own scribbles on the theme, so here we are now forwarding our dreams into real. You will come to see our Yin-Yang similarities as well as the differences with the reading, and I so very much hope you will enjoy the magic of it all. Now on to the classes. Because it is the very first one of them I offer simple inquiry form of introducing.


track >> PLAY
band >> the doors
lyrics >> hello, i love you

why this song: I have just wished to say hello for it is my very first posting here and I have chosen this old way of mine I used to practise when I was a teen, expressing myself with the lyrics of my favourite songs.

why this band: Because, The Doors is one of my greatest bands ever, one in my top list for lifetime and my first cherished acquaintance with the world of music, in the spirit of getting in touch to the ideas it expresses and provokes rather than the tunes themselves, the music self-chosen and self-recognised.

when was that: Back in the beginning of 90s, my very first years in the English Language School. It was during the time of grunge, its mainstream era worldwide, and in the local aspect these were the very first years of democracy, sacred years with the communism just knocked down, years of anarchy and chaos mixed with the sincere hopes of people for their better future and the feeling of freedom so unknown to us until the moment. These years of grunge coincided with a local tendency among the youths then (well we are still the same youths), a peculiar renaissance of the idea of Hippies. I was one of them, these alternatives in times of alternatives who would rather weep for Jim Morrison than for Kurt Cobain. But this is me, a natural born alternative.

yet, why these exact lyrics: For two reasons. First, they praise a girl who walks with the feeling, or at least impression, that she has something unique and special inside distinguishing her before the crowd, making her look different, a queen, the Queen of the Angels. Well, I see that girl in me, I have ever carried this unconscious sensation inside. The lyrics also remind me of a story from the same years, unshared love of mine to an artist. I have ever craved to be of less frames and so be able to walk across toward the boy and sing this song to him in the place of “Hello”; to do it the same way Jim Morrison had done. I never did those days but the dream has not slept away and I am doing it right now.

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