My Word to the King of Pop

This is my private, humble, straight-from-the-heart way to express the shock come along this sudden loss together with (because these two go together…) my respect to the great legacy he created and left to us all, to the World. And, on its notable pedestal, my deep gratitude of a human for the serious input this legacy contributed to the attempts for healing our common disturbed home-planet. Just remember the unforgettable messages of We’re The World, Black Or White, Earth Song, They Don’t Care About Us, Man In The Mirror, Heal The World…


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My relation with the King of Pop’s music involves a short, yet illustrious, period of time during my pre-teen years when I used to go to dance classes and had a few years older friend there, who was a keen fan of him.

No need to say that most of the people were crazy about his music those days; most of us little and bigger girls too, and boys perhaps, for I was not quite much interested in the boys’ temptations for their idols then. I remember we used to buy little badges with his face on from fair wagons in the town parks and gardens; they would even attack you in the street to rob you of your treasury. We also collected pictures of him from used bubble gums and put them in our girlish diaries and private notebooks we called lexicons, or exchanged them for others we lacked in our precious collections. Having a poster of Michael Jackson would have been a triumphant wealth those days.

And so, that friend of mine opened my eyes to the idol’s existence and set the fire on me for him. I still quite well remember that certain day after turning back from the dances when she took me to her place and played his songs to me, after which I would rash straight forward home and throw myself in chasing for any single record that my father’s musical collection could have kept for me somewhere. Unfortunately, what I was blessed to find after my long hunt was one track only on an old cassette tape, yet this song was worth a treasure!! I burnt it out from listening, you might imagine…

Was the song Bad or Smooth Criminal, or another, well, this has been already forgotten but I can still remember Dirty Diana was the cult. We learnt to dance on it and knew it from A to Z and Z to A, without even knowing English.

Dad is totally keen on music but the truth is he has never used to be the fan of his music; he would like Say Say Say for the parting of Paul McCartney, his favourite from The Beatles, rather than for anything else. Hence, the single precious record for me, which I am still that grateful for; and for my dad, there is yet one song he has shared to be in true favour with from the King of Pop’s legacy.

Billy Jean to your attention and my private way to commemorate the artist’s demise and his music that will remain forever living after him.

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