Wednesday goes to Poland

All thankfully to Anna, my dear polish friend!!

Let me tell you about the person first. She is about my age and we have met at the Layne Staley fanboard I love and use to go. You should know that Anna is a natural born queen, as she says and I believe her:) but what I treasure her for is not the crown, it is her big caring heart.

This post is an attemt to celebrate inside out my friend's first official publication as a writer. I have stayed speechless from the huge excitement when I knew at first, and I can see now to keep still same emotional about it .. Quinnie twinnie:) I am just so proud of you!!

Furthermore details about her work you can find and read submitted at her blog page. The link to it I have included with the title (just need to click on). Here I shall allow to only post the photoes taken of:

  • The book;

  • And the dedication of her story which was the real great surprise for me!! Here is what its text says and I am not speaking more,

    "For Marzena Kiryjczuk - Bliźnik and Paweł Dąbrowski with many thanks for long time friendship and for Gallia 'Wednesday' Georgieva thanking her for inspiration" ..


  1. Many hugs and even more love to you :)

  2. Awww... that's so cute!

  3. Hugs back and thanks to both my friends!!