I Hate Nerds

"I hate nerds, I hate nerds!!" Today I woke up after crying out these words, sliding down the stairs of my Primary school in a wild speedy running. Heheh it's been funny but that dream's started coming too often lately.

It is one and the same situation happening in different scenarios. All of a sudden I am finding out to be graduating the same day from university or school, whatever, and being late for the occasion; (which has happened frankly in reality:) and I cannot find the class-rooms because been never to a single lection in the course before; and thus have not to have any marks as well at all .. So finally the same question's striking, "And how shall I be let to graduate then??!!" Thanking God after that it is all in all another reality.

Heheh it's been waking up with laughter and the relieving thought that graduating torture is far away behind my back. But I am sharing this to my going-under-the-same-poor-stuff brother because I guess it is his theme of today:):)

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  1. Whooo, Wed don't worry! I don't have such nightmares (maybe because my primary school WAS nightmare itself! ;) but my mum still has these dreams that she is passing her A-level exam in German. And she's over 50 years old! :-D