Seven Kids and Two Older as Verano Azul

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  1. I was very young at the moment the series was broadcast in Poland but I do remember it. In Polish it was called 'Błękitne Lato' (it's an exact translation of Blue Summer). I remember Javi cause he was my favourite one and I think he was competing with Pancho for Pilar's attention. As far as I remember she finally gave a piece of paper with the notice 'I Love You Both' (or was it my childish imagination?). I also remember Pirana and of course Julia who was a kind of adviser for the kids. Well, I do hope the series will be rebroadcast in Poland one day so that I could watch it once again :)

  2. In Portugal it was a huge sucess. And it still has fans and getting more in each rebroadcast.
    Yes Anna you are right she did wrote that paper, but her mame was Bea, not Pilar.
    Verano Azul or Verão Azul in portuguese was a lesson in each episode. Even today every lesson is up to date.
    There are moments when a tv serie becomes a master peace. Verano Azul is timeless because it is one of those kind.